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About the Library

Best Practices for Off-Campus Access to E-resources

To connect to a subscription resource simply click on the link to the database (or other resource) from the Library's website. These links have the proxy server address embedded.

You will then be prompted to authenticate yourself to the proxy server.

proxy server login

Do that by entering your Knox email username (omit the part) and Knox email password. If your email ID and password are valid, you will gain access to the database /resource you selected.

To create links for web and Moodle pages that allow Knox constituents access to library subscription resources, your links must contain the stem for the proxy server. Precede a URL that you get from a subscription resource with the following proxy server stem.

For instance, the base URL for Choice Reviews Online is so to make this resource available via the proxy server, add the proxy server stem to it, like this:

When you find an article or book chapter in one of the library's subscription resources and you want to provide that link to students, do not simply copy the address from the browser's address bar. Instead, look for the permanent (sometimes called "durable" or "stable") link on the page. 

For example, in JSTOR, the stable link is displayed below the publication information:

Use the stable URL and add the proxy prefix to it. The result will be this link: