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The Special Collections and Archives

Donations and College Transfers
Thank you for your interest in donating to Seymour Library’s Special Collections and Archives!  We mainly acquire new materials through donations and college transfers, and purchase a select number of other resources. Though we are experts in historical value, we cannot appraise the monetary value of materials. Donors are encouraged to seek professional guidance on appraisals.

Donations are formalized by the completion of a Deed of Gift or College Transfer form. Please contact Special Collections prior to your donation, as some donations may need to be reviewed. Additional resources regarding donations and appraisals can be consulted below.

Donation Guidelines
Under the discretion of the librarian, the following guidelines will be used to determine new accessions.

We collect:

  • Print and published works regarding Knox College and the surrounding Galesburg area
  • Personal papers or manuscripts of individuals who have attended, worked, or taught at Knox College
  • Records of organizations related to Knox College
  • Photographs of all varieties depicting life at Knox College
  • Oral history interviews with Knox College community members -- past and present
  • In conversation with the Galesburg Public Library, local history materials may be considered

We generally do not collect:

  • Duplicates of items that are already in the collections
  • Photocopies or reproductions of original documents or materials, unless the original is no longer available or in good condition
  • Digitally formatted items, unless there is no other format available and we are able to support its migration and preservation
  • Items in poor condition (e.g., mildew- or mold- infested materials, dirty items, or materials with missing or torn pages)
  • Materials that would require an extensive amount of processing or conservation treatment