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The Special Collections and Archives

Reading Room Policies & Procedures
In order to protect and preserve the materials within our department for future use, we ask patrons to follow these important guidelines: 

  •  All readers and visitors must register at the reception desk. 
  • First-time visitors must complete a Reader Registration Form. Call slips must be signed and dated by the patron. 
  • Special Collections and Archives material may not be removed from the Reading Room.
  • Only pencil and paper are permitted. All notebooks, jackets, briefcases, purses, knapsacks, and laptop covers will be placed in readers' compartments provided. 
  • Special handling and precautions should be taken when viewing the materials. Book cradles may be provided and gloves must be used while handling photographs. Please do not rest yourself or any other non-archival objects on the materials. 
  • We ask that you use one box and folder at a time, as well as maintain the existing order of each file or box. Although, you may request multiple boxes at one time. 
  • You may take photographs with your digital camera, as long as there’s no flash. 
  • Food and beverage are not allowed at the Reading Room tables (including gum and hard candy).
  • Not all materials can be reproduced, but all photocopying and scanning is done by staff. See “Services” for current fees and additional information. Copies may not be immediately available, but can be called for or mailed directly. 
  • Once finished with the materials, consult staff if materials may be returned or placed on hold.