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Art Collections

This guide gives an overview of the Art Collections at Knox College, as well as some of the specifics to accessing and reviewing digital and physical artworks.

Knox's art collection includes an extensive collection of student art, either created while students attended Knox or donated to the college later in their careers. Class year of the artist is signified by (K-[graduation year]).

Keith Achepohl (K-1956)

Keith Achepohl (1934-2018)

Garden of Light and Stone I (Artist's Proof)



Accession # 996.16.1

Keith Achepohl graduated from Knox College in 1956 and went on to get his MFA at the Univeristy of Iowa, where he taught for decades. His works have been exhibited internationally and are in the collections of museums such as the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., the Library of Congress, Art Institute of Chicago, Los Angeles County Museum, Bibliotheca Nacional in Madrid, Spain, and the Kobe Art Museum in Kobe, Japan. Knox's collection of his works includes works made later in his career, as well as his early works made while at Knox such as his series of prints of Galesburg homes (see collection highlights). 

Margaret Edgerton Moore (K-1895)

Margaret Edgerton Moore (1877-1966)

Desert Scene


Oil on canvas

Accession # 67-15-6

Moore graduated from Knox in 1895 and went on to study two years at the Chicago Art Institute, before putting down her paintbrushes for 40 years. She began painting again at the suggestion of her artist friend, S. Seymour Thomas. Moore traveled and painted widely, creating small works depicting scenes from throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Japan which she liked to give as gifts to her friends and traveling companions. Along with her travels, she often painted scenes of the Californian landscape where she lived. She describes the beauty of California, writing, “When California spreads her carpets of wild flowers over hill and dale and colors her orchards with blooms, one need not travel far for subject.”

Clare Smith (K-1973)

Clare Smith (1908-1998)

Fall of the Ginko Leaves



Accession # 998.9.16

Clare Smith was a non-traditional student who came to Knox after her children were grown. At Knox she learned printmaking, and after she graduated in 1973 she continued her printmaking education in France and studied with S.W. Hayter, and Dadi Wirz. Knox College has an extensive collection of Smith's prints as well as those of her many artist friends. 

Collection Highlights

Paul Braucher (K-1981)



Oil on canvas

Accession # 2011.14.1


Keith Achepohl (K-1956)

Victorian House [House on Monmouth Blvd.]



Accession # 67.11.3


Deborah M. Axner (K-1974)

Untitled [Amiable Zombie]


Sculpture - slip/mortar, dirt, dried flowers

Accession # 2015.24.6

Maria Louisa Delgado y Partin (K-1987)



Relief print

Accession # 2015.24.20

John Bohan (K-1965)

The Flower Bed


Oil on canvas

Accession # 2005.50.1

Lowell Youngren (K-1956)




Accession # SA317

Kelly Clare (K-2016)

The Work is...


Handmade recycled paper and New York Times clippings

Accession # 2015.69.1