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The Library is Here for Students

The Library Supports Students Doing Honors Research

The staff of the Library are an excellent resource for students doing Honors research. Librarians work specifically with academic departments as liaisons and are available to help Honors students with all their information research needs. Students are encouraged to contact the librarian liaison who works with the department that their project falls under or the department in which the project advisor resides. Librarians can help Honors students with:

  • identifying appropriate sources
  • obtaining sources via interlibrary loan or via web-based resources
  • using bibliographic tools like Ref Works

The Library also allows Knox Honors students extended loan periods for Knox books in our circulation system. Instead of the normal 5 weeks,  loans will extend to the end of each term. Note:  This does only apply to Knox loans, not I-Share or ILL.

Additionally, Honors students are eligible to apply for one of the Honors offices in Seymour Library during September.

Please note that applications are judged exclusively on the basis of the applicant's articulated planned use of library resources. Other reasons for wanting an office, valid thought hey may be, should not be included in the applications.

This year, to comply with the Knox Together Pledge, offices will not be shared.  Each Honors office will be restricted to the use of the assigned student.