PS 321: European Governments: Finding Books

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Quick Links

Use I-Share

Use the I-Share catalog in addition to the Knox Library catalog to discover books that may be available for loan from another I-Share library.

As a Knox student, you are free to borrow materials from any of the 76 I-Share libraries whenever you want. See this guide for detailed information on using I-Share to request books.

Knox Library Catalog

The Knox Library catalog is the place to search to find books, films, and print journals available at Knox. Start your search using keywords that describe your topic. Remember, these same search techniques can also be used in the I-Share catalog.

Search tips:

  • Use as few terms as possible to describe your topic - don't search for long phrases or statements, but pick out keywords that describe your topic
    Example topic:
    How has the role of women in politics changed in Germany since unification?

    If you can't find materials with your keywords, try removing one or using synonyms
  • Identify synonyms - try searching for synonyms of your keywords, as this may help you find more relevant material
    Example topic keywords & synonyms: 
    women = gender
    German Unification = East Germany, West Germany, communism
  • Use facets to narrow your search - use the "Narrow Your Search" menu to the right of your search results to narrow to more relevant results. The most useful facets are Topic and Subject Area:

Topic corresponds to an item's subject headings

Subject Area corresponds to an item's call number

  • Use topics to find more material - "Topics" are also called subject headings, and they describe what a book is about. If you find something relevant to your research, you can use the item's subject headings to search for similar material.

Browse the Shelf

Browsing for books on the shelf can be a very useful way to gather material on a topic. Seymour Library uses the Library of Congress call number classification system, and all materials on a topic are shelved together. For political science, try browsing these sections:

JA 1-92 Political Science (General)

JC 11-605 Political Theory. The State. Theories of the State.

JF 20-2112 Political Institutions & Public Administration

JF 20-1177 General. Comparative Government

JF 1338-2112 Public Administration

JN 1-9689 Political Institutions & Public Administration (Europe)

JS 39-8500 Local Government. Municipal Government

JV 1-9480 Colonies & Colonization. Emmigration & Immigration. International Migration.

JZ 5-6530 International Relations