English Literature: Special Search Tips for Fairy Tales

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MLA Subject Headings / Descriptors

  • Marchen - is the official MLA Descriptor (SU) for Fairy Tales 
  • Do Not Use Fairy Tales as a Descriptor (SU) 
  • You can use Fairy Tales as a plain Keyword -
  • but not as a descriptor or Subject Heading. 
  • Marchen will retrieve the MOST results

Looking for Film Criticism?

To Find Articles on Film

Add a box searching film in the SU field


Cinderella - in SU


film - in SU

Searching MLA

Searching for specific Fairy Tales or Motifs

  • Looking for fairy tale writers?  Use their names in the SU Field
    • Grimm in SU
    • Hans Andersen in SU
    • Perrault in SU
  • Looking for a known tale Name?  Use the SU field and tale name
    • Cinderella in SU
    • Hansel & Gretel in SU
    • Puss n Boots  in SU
  • Looking for criticism on a specific version of a tale? Use the SU field &  the Author and Tale name :
    • Perrault and Cinderella - in SU
    • Grimm and Hansel and Gretel - in SU
    • Andersen and Mermaid in SU 
  • Looking at a motif or element -  not a specific tale?  Use Marchen in the SU field + your motif or element keyword  without a field  (Select a Field) :
    • ​Marchen in SU  AND  "rages to riches"
    • Marchen in SU  AND  princess*
    • Marchen in SU  AND  frog*

Folklore Index

Folklore Topic ~ This is a special field in MLA - Use only if you are really doing something that is more Folklore than Fairy Tale

Folklore Topic

Examples of topics included - These are only Folklore topics if the article is about folklore in relation to this topic :

  • Funeral Rights
  • Native Americans 
  • Religious Rites
  • Riddles
  • Rites of Passage
  • Sacrificial Rites
  • Shamanism
  • Spirit Possession
  • Sports
  • Supernatural Legend
  • Tomb
  • Tools
  • Toys
  • Wedding Rights
  • Witchcraft
  • Women