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Open Educational Resources: Faculty Select for OER

Information for faculty on what is an OER, how it is accessible, and how it can be used and adopted for class.

Faculty Select

EBSCO Faculty Select empowers academic libraries to directly support textbook affordability efforts. Through a single interface, faculty can search and access quality open textbooks, Open Educational Resources (OER), and request access to unrestricted library e-books from top academic publishers.

The link to Faculty Select is on this page.

OERs: Open Education Resources

Faculty Select allows users to find OER's (Open Educational Resources) which are freely accessible, openly licensed materials

The OER's on Faculty Select are: 

  • Free to access, download, and use. There is no cost to students.
  • Available to unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Access can be provided through course friendly links, PDF downloads, or as online ebooks.
  • OER's on Faculty Select are licensed from
    • SUNY Open Textbooks
    • Open BC Textbooks
    • OAPEN Library
    • BC Open Textbooks
  • Are not affected by country restrictions.

Limit your Faculty Select search to just OERs

Faculty Select defaults to searching both OERs and eBooks for Purchase. There are two ways to limit to just OERS. 

Option #1: Filter your search results to just OERs. After performing a search and are viewing a results screen use the facets on the left to filter your results to "OER Only".

Option #2: Limit at the start before searching.

Chose the Advanced Search Option: 

Scroll to see the Limit your Results and select "OER Only"

Preview an OER 

To preview an OER select "Preview or Adopt this Open eBook" 

Select "Preview this eBook"

You will be taken to a new page where you can view the eBook content.  Preview options can vary, but typically can be downloaded by a PDF viewer or viewed in the browser.

Receive a Course-Friendly Link

To receive a course-friendly link click on "Preview or adopt this Open eBook" from the results page.

You will be redirected to a new page. Click on "Receive a Course-Friendly Link".

Fill in the form with the requested information. If you are not using it for a specific course, just indicate here what you are using it for. If you are not using it for a specific term, or multiple terms, you can indicate that as well.  

Once you click submit you will receive an email with a course friendly link. You can share the link with students who can choose how they access the OER eBook.

Ebooks for Purchase

In addition to OER ebooks, Faculty Select allows users to find academic ebooks available for institutional purchase

The eBooks on Faculty Select are : 

  • Purchased by the library with no cost to students  
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Users allowed
  • Available with chapter PDF download, so students can have an offline copy of the text permanently
  • Accessible through the Knox network; they are not restricted by where the student lives, so country restrictions do not come into play.

Note: Faculty Select does not represent all institutional eBooks available. If you want to check if a title not listed in Faculty Select is available as an ebook, or if you want to search a larger corpus of ebooks contact your librarian liaison.

Limit your Faculty Select search to just eBooks for Purchase

Faculty Select defaults to searching both OERs and eBooks for Purchase. To limit, there are two options. 

Option #1: Filter your search results to just eBooks for Purchase. Once you do a search and are looking at the results, you can use the facets on the left to filter your results to "eBooks Available for Purchase".

Option #2: Limit at the start before searching. 

Choose the Advanced Search Option : 

Scroll to see the Limit to eBooks for Purchase Option: 

Then your search results list will only contain "Ebooks Available for Purchase".

Faculty Select Search Options  

  • Keyword Searching 
  • Boolean searching: use AND / OR
  • Searching  by Field:
    • Subject Headings: find titles focused on a topic
    • Title: keywords in the title or a specific title
    • Author: books by specific authors

Faculty Select uses the familiar Ebsco database search form. You can just enter keywords into a box   

You can combine terms with And / OR

You can Limit to a specific field. Here are the options:

Subject is good to get books focused on a major topic.

Refine your results in several ways



You can turn some settings on and off with check boxes.

You can chose to search FT or just Titles or Subject Headings 

You can choose to apply equivalent subjects or Not with this check box.  - When this is on, it looks for common synonyms to your terms 

You can undo the eBook limit if you set it before by un checking this box. 




Refine more

You Can limit by Publication Date - to a specific date or a range - by either typing in the boxes or using the bar to narrow the range. 


You can limit by Subjects - click the arrow and it tells you the subjects in your result set.   


You can limit by Publisher. 

You can limit by Language. 

Geography allows you to limit by the region of the world that is covered for the topic. 

Content Provider refers to the eBook platform

Preview Ebooks for Purchase 

To preview an eBook, click on the "Preview" link on the left.  

If there is no Preview link, that means this option is not available (but most do have the preview option).




Note: You cannot download anything from the Preview screens because we have not yet purchased the book. If we do purchase, then download is available. 


Request Ebooks for Purchase  

Purchased eBooks from Faculty Select will allow all Knox users to read and download the book.

When you see an eBook you would like the Knox Library to purchase, click the button to "Request a purchase of this item...". 

When you click the button above, you are given a short form to fill out.

If you are not using it for a specific course, just indicate here what you are using it for. 

If you are not using it for a specific term, or multiple terms, you can indicate that. 

Once you have sent the form, your Liaison & the Acquisitions Dept. will be back in touch in 48 hours with either questions or the link and access information to the eBook.