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Knox College logoKnox College Library Policies and Procedures

Alma Fulfillment

Policies and procedures for using Alma for Fulfillment activities.

CARLI has a very good page of training documentation for Alma fulfillment. 

Alma Login

IMPORTANT: After logging out of Alma you MUST completely close the browser to fully end the Alma session tied to your login.

Login to Alma using your Knox email credentials (this is like logging into 
Note: For library staff this means you will have to do 2-factor authentication. To prevent having to re-login after Alma is idle for a while, do some activity in Alma every 45 minutes. An Alma session will timeout after 60 minutes of inactivity.

After successfully logging into Alma, choose a location from the drop-down list:


Choose the library for which you want to conduct circulation/fulfillment transactions. Some Alma users will have additional departments from which they can choose. 

The option "None of these" will still allow you to login to Alma but you will not be able to perform any fulfillment transactions until you choose a circulation desk. 

To change the circulation desk after you have logged in, go to the top menu (blue bar) and click on the icon that looks like a teardrop. Then click on the drop-down list and choose your library or department.

Note: It is not necessary to be logged into the library at which the item is owned in order to complete the fulfillment transaction. But, it is good practice to be logged into the library in which you are working because there may be activities you can only do while logged into one library or the other, such as process reserves. 

Enable Quick Printing

To allow Alma to print to our library printers, you must enable "quick printing". Go to the top menu and click location icon (or the down-arrow next to the library) just to the left of your Alma username. Check the box to enable quick printing:

Customizing the Alma Screen

Customize your Alma screen by adding widgets. Click on the plus (+) sign on the far right under the blue menu bar:


Select the widgets you would like to see on your Alma screen. Two of the most useful widgets are Organization Calendar, which displays the hours for the libraries, and the Discovery Search widget, which allows you to perform a search in Knox Primo. Full time staff may wish to include the Tasks widget.

Move a widget around on the screen by dragging the title bar of the widget to a new location.