About the Library: Seymour Library Floor Plans

Find Out Where Your Item is Located

To help you find where your items are located, you will need to note the location and call number of the item from the library catalog. The location will tell you which library the item is located in--Seymour Library or the Science Library--and will also give a general designation for the type of item, like "Main Stacks" or "Bound Periodicals," etc. 

If the book you are looking for has a location of "Seymour Library Main Stacks" and a Library of Congress call number (a call number beginning with a letter), then you can find out where your book is located clicking on the letter that is the first letter of your call number and viewing a floor plan of Seymour Library:

Main Stacks call numbers:

A  ·  B  ·  C  ·  D  ·  E  ·  F  ·  G  ·  H  ·  J  ·  K  ·  L  ·  M  ·  N  ·  P   ·  Q-R*   ·  T-V   ·  Z

*Most of the books in the Q and R call number ranges (and some books in the T range) are located in the Science Library. Be sure to check the library catalog record for the exact location.

If your item has a location other than Main Stacks, then click on the location name in the list below to find out where your item is located.

Bound Periodicals
Campbell Collection
Current Interest Collection
Current Periodicals
Dewey Stacks
Faculty Development Collection
Limited Editions
New Book Shelves
Oversized Bound Periodicals

Oversized Dewey & LC
Reference Collection
Video & DVD Shelves

Books in the Science Library

Be sure to look carefully at the record in the Library Catalog and note if your item is located in one of the collections in the Science Library.

The Science Library has most of the books in the Q-T call number ranges and has books with Dewey call numbers. 

The Science Library also has the Environmental Studies Collection and Green Oaks Collection.