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A guide to finding films at Knox College
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Finding DVDs (and VHS) in Seymour Library


All films in Seymour Library, including DVD, VHS and streaming formats, can be found through the Library Catalog. The best way to find films is to use the Advanced Search option:

  1. Enter your search terms, using the drop down menus to combine multiple terms if needed
  2. In the Limit To section, choose any date or language limits that may apply, and limit format to Film or Video


DVDs and VHS tapes are located on the west end of the first floor of Seymour Library: Floor plan showing where films are located in Seymour Library

Films are shelved by call number according to format, either DVD or VHS.

DVD films are on the DVD Shelves and VHS tapes are on the Video Shelves.

After finding the film case, take it to the circulation desk for check out.

Films and Public Performance Rights

Some films purchased by the Library are purchased with Public Performance Rights (PPR). The Library staff is currently working on updating all library catalog records to indicate whether or not the film was purchased with PPR. The catalog record will display the notes just below the call number. If a film was acquired with PPR, the note will will read "Knox owns Public Performance Rights for this film" as in this example:

If a film was not acquired with Public Performance Rights, the note will read "No Public Performance Rights." A film not acquired with PPR will have Home Viewing Rights.

If there is no note, the Library staff can research the PPR on the film. Contact a librarian liaison to inquire about PPR for films with no note.

 Films with Home Viewing Rights can be shown:

    1. In a home setting. The following places have been found to constitute home settings in the college context :

  • dorm rooms
  • residential suites
  • residential building lobby's or lounges

    2. To a specific class at Knox (applying Fair Use Guidelines).  In this instance the general consensus is that the factors fall in favor of fair use.

   Note:  Films with Home Viewing Rights cannot be shown:

  • at events open to the entire campus
  • at events open to the general public
  • at club or group events that are not part of a Knox academic course

If a film has Public Performance Rights, then all the above rights apply in addition to the right to make film screenings open to the entire campus, the general public, clubs, or any group so as long as admission fees are not charged. 


When borrowing DVDs or videos from Knox, keep these policies in mind:

  • Borrow up to 3 films at a time

  • 3-day loan

  • 1 online renewal

  • $1/day late fines

For more information on borrowing times, renewals, and fines, see the library's Circulation Policies.

Contact Knox College Library: