Library Services for Faculty: Linking to Library Content

How to order books, how to put items on reserve, how to schedule a library workshop for your course and more!

Include the Proxy Server in Your Link

To create links for web and Moodle pages that allow Knox constituents access to library subscription resources from off campus, your links must contain the stem for our proxy server. Precede a URL that you get from a subscription resource with the following proxy server stem.

For instance, the base URL for Choice Reviews Online is so to make this resource available via the proxy server, add the proxy server stem to it, like this:

Some links you obtain will already have our proxy server stem included, so be sure to check the link first.

Use Permanent Links!

When you find an article or book chapter in one of the library's subscription resources and you want to provide that link to students, do not simply copy the address from the browser's address bar. Instead, look for the permanent (sometimes called "durable" or "stable") link on the page. 

For example, in JSTOR, the stable link is displayed below the publication information:

JSTOR stable URL