ENVS 242: Hydrology: Finding Books

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Don't Forget I-Share!

Use the I-Share Catalog to check for books and technical reports that you can borrow from another I-Share library.

I-Share deliveries usually arrive in about 3-5 days.

Be awarthat you may not have access to ebooks in the I-Share catalog unless it is a public domain ebook or unless Knox also owns it. Ebooks have a distinctive icon associated with them:

Tip: When searching, click the box at the top that allows you to hide the e-resources that you will not have access to:

Using the Knox Library Catalog (and I-Share!)

As with any database, you can search the Knox Library Catalog using keywords that describe your topic. Some advice for using keywords in the Knox library catalog are below. Remember that these techniques also work in the I-Share catalog:

  • Use as few terms as possible that describe your topic. For instance, if you searched the Knox Library catalog using the phrase "restoring a tall grass prairie in illinois" you would not retrieve any items. A better search would use just a few terms: prairie restoration illinois.
  • After you do a search, narrow down your results list by clicking on a Topic area in the right-hand column of your results screen.

  • Use the truncation symbol, an asterisk ( * ) to retrieve terms with variant endings. For instance the keyword term restor* retrieves records with the term restoration, restored, restore, restoring.

Browsing the Shelves

As in most libraries, the books in Seymour Library are arranged on the shelves using a classification system. This means that books are grouped together by subject, allowing you to quickly find related materials on a topic. Below is a list of the call number classification areas  for books about topics in hydrology and related subjects. Browse the shelves in the SMC Library for books using the guide to topics below.

GB 447   Climatic geomorphology
GB 448   Slopes
GB 450-479   Coasts, reefs, islands
GB 500-555   Mountains
GB 561-649   Other landorms: floodplains, caves, deserts, dunes
GB 651-2998   Hydrology
GB 980-992   Watersheds, runoff, drainage
GB 1001-1199   Groundwater, hydrogeology
GB 1201-1598   Rivers, stream measurements
GB 1601-2398   Lakes, limnology, ponds, lagoons
GB 2401-2598   Ice, glaciers, ice sheets, sea ice
GB 2601-2798   Snow
GB 2801-2998   Hydrometeorology
GC 1-1581   Oceanography
S   Agriculture
S 589   Agricultural ecology, agriculture and the environment
S 590-599   Soils and soil science
S600   Agricultural meteorology; crops and climate
S 602-621   Cropping systems; agricultural conservation; improvement, fertilization, irrigation, etc.
S 622-627   Soil conservation and protection
TD 201-500   Water supply for domestic and industrial purposes
TD 419-428   Water pollution
TD 429-480   Water purification, treatment and conditioning; saline water conversion
TD 481-493   Water distribution systems
Dewey 551   Geology, hydrology, meteorology