Find and Use E-books: Books@JSTOR

  • Last Updated: Jun 6, 2019 10:40 AM
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Discovering Books on JSTOR

The library has a collection of ebooks on the JSTOR platform. These ebooks are listed in our library catalog but you can also find them when doing a search in JSTOR:

A. Limit your search to books by checking the limit box:

B. Refine your search results by clicking on the Books tab:

Using JSTOR ebooks

JSTOR organizes its ebooks results into discrete chapters. Your search results will show your highlighted keywords in a snippet of context, along with the source information:

Clicking on the linked chapter title of a record will display the full record for that chapter. From this page is is often useful to go to the book's main page so you can browse the table of contents. Do this by clicking on the title of the book, as in this example:

If you want to link to a chapter (for instance, on a Moodle page) you need to capture the "Stable URL" AND you need to add Knox's proxy URL to the beginning of that URL so that users from off-campus can access the chapter. Knox's proxy URL is:

The URL in the record above becomes this:

Contact Knox College Library: