Library Services for Faculty: Tech in the Library

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Laptops & Tablets

Seymour Library has 10 laptops and 5 Surface tablets that can be checked out from the circulation desk for in-library use. The laptops can connect to the wired and the wireless networks, allowing you to print to any public college printer, including those in Seymour Library. You can also connect to your Knox Home Account from these laptops.

Public Computers

Seymour Library has 10 public computers in an open area on the first floor. These computers are connected to the Internet and sit right in front of the Reference Desk, so they're ideal for doing library research. If you have questions, a Reference Librarian is nearby to help!

Seymour Library has 4 other computer workstations on the first floor on the north side in carrels for more privacy. All computers will require you to log into the printers server (using your Knox email credentials) if you wish to print documents.

The Science-Math Center Library has 7 computer workstations.

Printers, Copiers, & Scanners


Seymour Library has 4 networked printers. You can print to any of these printers from any of the library's computers, from a library laptop or tablet, or from your own laptop. Directions for printing from library computers are posted at each computer station.

The 5 printers are:

  • LibPub - black & white laser printer, 1st floor
  • Seylib1 - black & white Xerox printer/copier, 1st floor
  • Seylib2 - black & white Xerox printer/copier, 2nd floor
  • Seylib-xc - Xerox color printer/copier, 1st floor

The Science-Mathematics Library has Xerox printers/copiers available as well.

Note: Students are given 300 printing pages per term. A page = one side, so a double-sided print will count as 2 printing pages. Printing to LibColor will count as 5 printing pages per side. For more information on student printing, see the ITS Student Print Billing FAQ.


Seymour Library has 3 copiers:

  • Seylib 1 - black & white, cash or Flex Dollars, 1st floor
  • Seylib 2 - black & white, Flex Dollars only, 2nd floor
  • Seylib-xc - color, Flex Dollars only, 1st floor

The Science-Mathematics library has 1 copier in the library and one directly outside in the center hallway.


Scanning directly to a Knox email address is available free of charge on SeyLib-xc, Seylib1 and Seylib2 in Seymour Library and on the Xerox machines in the Science-Mathematics Library.

For instructions on how to scan documents, see the ITS Scanning and Sending Documents page.