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A guide to finding films at Knox College
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Alexander Street Video Subject Collections

Knox College now has an extensive collection of online videos from Alexander Street Press. Click a link below to a specific video collection or search the entire collection by keyword here.

Using Alexander Street Videos

Create an account on the Alexander Street Video site so that you can create and share playlists or clips.

To properly link or embed a video in a web page:

  1. Find the video and make sure you have the video page in view.
  2. Click on "embed/link" (appears below the title information).
  3. Choose to either, a) copy the URL to the video; or b) copy the script to embed the video in a web page.

To add items to a playlist: When you have found the item you want, choose to Add to Playlist. You can add it to a new playlist or  to one of your existing playlists. (You can add other outside sites/URLs to your playlist too.) Be sure to indicate who can view your playlist. For more, see the training video on making a playlist.

If you only want to show a portion of a video, you can create a clip. You must be logged into your account to do this. The clipping tool is visible in  the toolbar below the video:

You can add the clip to one of your playlists. For help with making clips, see this video on making clips and bookmarks.

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