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Links and tips for finding news sources both online and in Seymour Library.
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Find News Sources From Around the World

Because the depth of any online news source's archive will vary, be sure to also use the two databases Access World News and LexisNexis to discover older material not found via web sites.


The following sites are gateways to news sources with listings organized by country.


The following non-U.S. news outlets (papers, internet news sources, newswires) provide extensive coverage on global events and issues.

  • -- Aggregates news from dozens of sources and contains the archive of Africa News Service dating back to 1997.
  • BBC News -- The BBC is based in London but is renowned for its international scope of coverage. Some BBC content is available in the Access World News database.
  • Financial Times -- A London-based paper with a focus on business news. Content from the Financial Times is also available in the Access World News database.
  • GlobalPost -- This web-based news outlet and syndication service has only been around for about a year. Based in Boston, GlobalPost has a "network of more than 70 correspondents spread across more than 50 countries in every region of the globe."
  • Reuters -- This news agency, based in London, has been around since 1851.
  • Xinhua News -- "Releases important news about China and the world." Xinhua News Agency content is also in LexisNexis (news wire services).

Access World News

Access World News is a database of thousands of sources: newspapers, broadcast transcripts, newswires, news blogs, news web-only content and video and includes local, national and international sources.


LexisNexis has major U.S. and international news sources, news wire services and TV and radio broadcast transcripts.

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