Use Moodle: Getting Started

A guide for faculty and staff members using Moodle
  • Last Updated: Oct 27, 2015 3:23 PM
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Organize digital content for your students (online readings, web links, syllabi, etc), increase learning opportunities outside of class by allowing students to access course materials online, and encourage student interaction and discussion by using Forums, Wikis, creation of a class glossary, group project spaces, peer-review spaces, etc.

  • Manage course logistics
  • Post announcements
  • Collect Assignments
  • Post tests or Quizzes

Knox College Moodle


Accessing Moodle

To log into Moodle: Log into your and then click on the moodle icon to be taken to our moodle site. 

We recommend using the Mozilla Firefox browser when working with moodle. If you don't have Firefox, contact the Computer Center Help Desk at x7700.

Internet Explorer is NOT supported with moodle.

Course Listing
To access courses, go under Navigation/My courses and you will see a list of all courses. Again, this is listed on the left hand side of the screen. To enrol in a course, Go to the Department listed in the middle of the screen, click on the department name then click on the name of the course. Answer "yes" when asked to enrol.

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